Production release date 04/05/2018

N2N announces the release of Illuminate 2.1.0. This release contains major enhancements, user interface changes, infrastructure updates, and bug fixes. This release focused on bug fixes and improvements. The following updates are included within this release.

Unless otherwise specified, all the changes are applicable for all available Illuminate subscription plans.

What's New

  • Apply Data translation using an existing illuminate API

  • Apply custom specifications to convert a JSON order using XSLT 

  • Illuminate now has a new Certified Build marketplace

  • Introducing new self help tutorials using whatfix for better support.


  • Consumer marketplace enhancements

    • Certified Builds are now linked to Data Source type.

    • Improved Deploy and UnDeploy a Certified Build.

  • Signup now accepts promo codes for extended free trials.

  • API authorization now auto authorizes dependent APIs used for Data translations or API authorization.

  • ICON improvements


  • Fixed issues while creating configuration templates in Endpoint.

  • Login, logout session fixes.

  • Resolved duplication issues with tags / labels

  • Resolved “Try it out!” issues with POST api created using PL definition.

  • Resolved filtering and navigation issues for API Logs.

  • Resolved issues with API log data for better graphs.


Many more under the hood improvements to make the platform more robust and stable.