Production release date 02/24/2019

N2N announces the release of Illuminate 2.5.0. This release contains major enhancements, user interface changes, infrastructure updates, and bug fixes. The following updates are included within this release.

Unless otherwise specified, all the changes are applicable for all available Illuminate subscription plans.

What's New

  • New and improved Client and Consumer onboarding designed to help N2N staff speed customer deployment

  • New and improved Illuminate authorization API

  • Modo Labs Xmodule compatibility API 


  • Numerous internal enhancements to N2N staff functions to improve the speed and accuracy of deployment

  • Licensing information included in the Certified Builds in marketplace (full license, trial license, etc.)

  •  Added additional UI to API logs module to provide drill-down capabilities for the transaction. The new detail window provides detailed information on transaction headers (metadata). 

  • Updated Execute Procedure APIs with pre and post transformation options, previously only available for Endpoint APIs


  • API library

    • Fixed an issue where an user with Read Only access was unable to see APIs

    • Data tables UI fixes for various screens

  • API Builder

    • Fixed issues related to consumer authorization

  • Endpoint

    • Fixed issues with API editing

    • Fixed an issue where Endpoint URL wouldn’t accept the port number in URL

  • Signup

    • Fixed error messages during registration

  • Fixed issue with FTP provider details showing as empty in view screens

  • API Logs UI fixes

    • Connections bug fixes

    • Dashboard count fixes

  • Scheduler bug fixes related to job counts

  • Fixed navigation breadcrumbs throughout the application

  • Additional under the hood improvements to enhance platform SLA compliance