Production release date: Sunday, August 18th, 2019, 7 am ET

N2N is pleased to release Illuminate 2.7. This release contains new features, product enhancements, user interface enhancements, infrastructure updates, and Defect fixes. The following updates are included within this release.

Unless otherwise specified, all the changes are applicable for all available Illuminate subscription plans.

What's New

  • Ability to Publish an API to a defined Illuminate community

  • Ability to copy an API from an Illuminate community API

  • Enhanced API View 

  • Redesigned API documentation

    • API metadata

    • API detailed documentation

    • API publish to the community

  • Release note notifications / Alerts


  • Enhanced Interface Design Workflow (IDW) code to check for grouping limit when there is a loop condition for the input payload

  • API version and Unique Tracer ID included in response headers

  • Enhanced the prioritization algorithm for async API processing

  • Global variable support for SQL and PL/SQL API definitions

  • Now supports poly decoding for specific field formats in the JSON output

  • Support input payload/parameters in the API transformation

  • Added binary support for SQL and PLSQL APIs to allow for PDF output

  • Added code to replace “$date” in API parameter value with the current date

  • Supporting the POST method for SQL APIs

  • Added “Inherit Auth” functionality in External APIs

  • Additional data encryption accounted while configuring an Endpoint API

  • Data Rules & Translations module is now called “API configurations” 

  • Field level transformations are now called “Field Configurations” 


  • Defect fixes in the “API Scheduler” process

  • Defect fixes in the “Copy API” process