2.0 Illuminate Release Notes

Modified on Fri, 02 Mar 2018 at 02:58 PM

Production release date 02/28/2018

N2N announces the release of Illuminate 2.0.0. This release contains major enhancements, user interface changes, infrastructure updates, and bug fixes. This release focused on providing an enhanced user experience. The following updates are included within this release.

Unless otherwise specified, all the changes are applicable for all available Illuminate subscription plans.

What's New

  • New user interface

  • Support for multiple data providers: multiple data providers can be configured for creating APIs from various data sources.

  • The Illuminate DataPort (integration gateway) can be configured using automated or manual processes

    • Data and identity providers can be managed using both the automated and manual process

  • The certificate manager provides access to all certificates used for DataPort automated deployment.

  • Introduced global variable functionality 

    • Example: Ethos-APIkey is required for all Ethos APIs but each installation will have a different key. This feature provides the option for each organization to simply update the Ethos-APIkey once and all the Ethos APIs are ready to use.

  • API Builder supports creating API using SQL definition, database procedure definition, endpoint (Photon plan only supports SQL Definition).

    • SQL definition : drop a query and create an API with wizard capabilities.

    • Database procedure definition : use database stored procedure to create an API 

    • Endpoint definition: use an existing API and reconfigure it in Illuminate to securely share with multiple consumers by applying data rules, translations, and dynamic filtering. 

  • Introduced dynamic filtering ability for endpoint configurations. (not available for Photon Plan)

    • Example: Allows Illuminate to filter data returned by a previously configured API to return a subset of its data for a targeted purpose

  • Data translations can be configured to link to another Illuminate API to apply translated values.

  • Support JSON Web Tokens (JWT) as an authorization option for Endpoint API (not available for Photon Plan)

  • Introduced interface design workflow in API Builder to perform a simple no rule merge of two API outputs or to integrate two APIs. (not available for Photon Plan)

  • Dashboard to provide basic statistical information about total API usage, API usage by consumers, jobs (note: while the “jobs” metric is displayed on the dashboard, the “jobs” feature is not available in Illuminate 2.0.0), and API Logs.


Label Changes, the following label changes have been made:

  • Settings is now “Account Settings”

  • Manage Locations is now “Locations”

  • Manage Connections is now “Connections”

  • Manage Providers is now “Providers”

  • Manage Consumers is now “Consumers”

  • Manage Users / Roles is now “Users”

Navigation, the following features have a new navigation path:

  • User Profile is now located under “Account Settings > User Profile”

  • Change Password is now located under “Account Settings > Security > Change Password” 

  • Manage Locations is now “Location Profile” and is located under “Account Settings > Location Profile” 

  • Transactions and Logs are now located under “API Logs”

Product changes, the following features have been enhanced:

  • Consumers: Certified Consumer deployment process

    • Certified Consumer deployment is connected to a data source 

  • User Management: User roles and privileges now have “Read Only” in addition to “Read & Write”

  • API Builder: Functionality split into API Library and API Builder. API Library now includes the list of all APIs built and API Builder handles API creation from various sources

  • API Library: Improved API search and filter capabilities, including search and filter by name, version, method, description, and tags

  • API Library: Improved API edit by providing a force update option on the current version

  • API Library: Improved API template management

  • API Builder: Improved data rules, transformation, masking, and translation workflow

  • API Builder: Improved API response option by including all fields as a default output if not specifically configured

  • Programming improvements to make the platform more robust and stable

Other changes

  • Removed unused and confusing multi-location support to streamline and simplify configuration

Bug Fixes

  • Removed API documentation from header which pointed to static APIs 

  • Removed ability to switch between SQL and stored procedure API types on edit to avoid configuration errors created by bypassing setup workflow design


  • Improved server configurations with scripted deployment

  • Improved scalability

  • Improved load balancing capabilities

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