Production release date 10/18/2018

N2N announces the release of Illuminate 2.4.0. This release contains major enhancements, user interface changes, infrastructure updates, and bug fixes. This release focused on bug fixes and improvements. The following updates are included within this release.

Unless otherwise specified, all the changes are applicable for all available Illuminate subscription plans.

What's New

  • IDmatch 2.0 with ability to create workflow by adding rules along with refreshed match resolution functionality.

  • API Builder now has the ability to configure pre and post dynamic filtering.

  • Login session activity, such as login, logout and current session timestamps.


  • External API 

    • Support for mapping tokens from JWT authorization APIs to the endpoint header fields.

    • Added search option for selecting compatible APIs in JWT authorization option.

    • Support for adding payload along with input parameters for POST APIs.

    • Ability to save default payload in POST APIs.

    • Added support for array of values in JSON.

  • Ability to map API inputs in the dynamic filter configurations to restrict data based on the input parameters.

  • Added offset and limit as default input parameters for all GET APIs.

  • Added force logout for users after inactivity timeout.

  • Added loading spinner in “try it out” for API’s with higher latency.

  • Added code beautification for PL SQL procedures.

  • UI improvements for the entire app.

  • Added response time in API logs.

  • Added responsiveness to accommodate for smaller screens where applicable.

  • Added warning notifications for trial period expiry.


  • API library

    • Fixed an issue where an user with Read Only access was unable to see APIs

    • Data tables UI fixes for various screens.

  • API Builder

    • Fixed issues related to consumer authorization.

  • Endpoint 

    • Edit API bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Endpoint URL doesn’t accept the port number in URL.

  • Signup 

    • Fixed error messages during registration.

  • Fixed issue with FTP provider details showing as empty in view screens.

  • API Logs UI fixes.

  • Connections bug fixes. 

  • Dashboard bug fixes for wrong counts.

  • Scheduler bug fixes related to job counts.

  • Fixed breadcrumbs related issues in entire application.

  • Many more under the hood improvements to make the platform more robust and stable.