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IDMatch is a fully-customizable, automated data integration solution, developed by N2N as a companion to N2N’s Illuminate platform for API management. IDMatch was designed to provide enhanced data quality and ID checking during the API POST process.  IDMatch serves as a line of defense against data and identity duplication by searching the target systems for matching records prior to POST and allowing users to determine the final course of action when needed. 

To initiate an IDMatch workflow, first you define your source data feed or target web service, select your data matching rules and then map your target destination(s). Workflow jobs can be executed manually or scheduled for automation. Upon job completion users can verify transaction results, reprocess failed transactions, and review potential duplicate transactions. 

Data integrations with IDMatch can be built between any number of data sources and formats targeting any SIS or ERP system. N2N has partnered with several vendors to provide ready-to-go solutions or you can have a fully customized data integration solution built by the N2N team.

Getting Started

Logging In  

To log into Illuminate, go to and select the login button in the upper right portion of the screen. Here, you will be able to login with your username and password to your organization’s Illuminate instance. If you do not yet have a username for Illuminate, contact your administrator to send you an invitation to Illuminate.

Locating IDMatch

Navigate to the IDMatch Icon on the main menu. Selecting the IDMatch icon will open the module and bring you to the IDMatch Dashboard. 

The Dashboard

The IDMatch Dashboard serves as the landing page for IDMatch. The main section of the Dashboard contains Workflows, Transactions, Matches and Jobs.  Workflows will allow administrators to create and manage Workflow Jobs. Transactions provide a log of both successful and failed transactions processed through IDMatch. Matches is the interface for end users to verify and take action on all records flagged by the IDMatch process.  Workflow Jobs is a historical report of all IDMatch jobs executed

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