Creating a Workflow API

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The workflow jobs section of IDMatch is found on the landing page of the module and serves to provide a history of executed IDMatch jobs. The list also provides insight into those jobs that need manual intervention and those jobs that contain failed transactions. To view the specific transactions that need intervention, click the blue View icon under the actions column. This will transport you to a list of the transactions in a job that need intervention as highlighted in later sections of the documentation.

In case there are several jobs that need your attention, the IDMatch module also includes a powerful sorting feature to enable you to search through and filter the jobs list. Search queries actively filter the list by comparing your input to the contents of all columns as you put it in. The Filter option opens a small sub-menu allowing for the filtering of the jobs list based on specific column entries as well as the ability to sort based on the job run dates.

Testing IDMatch Workflows

To test a workflow job, from the dashboard, select to the Workflows (Match Workflows) section of IDMatch. Here you will find all available IDMatch workflows. Identify the workflow you wish to test, select Try it out! next to the corresponding job. This screen will display the input parameters of the source API and a basic response showing what the output format will look like. To test the API, click “Try it out” then add values to any required input parameters it calls for. In most cases this will be expecting a JSON or XML feed of the source data. Next click execute to run the API  based on that input. Once executed the results will display with the server response and the actual data your API would return.


Additionally, the “Try it Out” interface can provide code snippets in 9 different languages that can be used to run the API directly from external applications.

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