Service Level Agreement: N2N shall operate the Illuminate application with a service level of 99.95%, no more than 22 minutes of unscheduled downtime per month. This does not include announced maintenance windows. This service level applies to the cloud-hosted Illuminate User Interface and to the cloud-hosted Illuminate Process Engine. Aggregate end-to-end service for an Illuminate-managed API requires the availability of the N2N Dataport and the client data source. The Dataport’s availability is dependent on the client-managed virtual machine which executes the applications in the Dataport container. The data source is also under the client’s management. Outages in non-N2N managed resources or services do not count against availability of Illuminate for this service guarantee. 

   Illuminate Platform Status: Information regarding current server status can be found at with scheduled maintenance being noted in advance. If subscribed you will receive updates on all changes in server status.

    Contacting N2N: N2N can be reached through on a business hour basis for non-emergency issues and after-hours support for emergency issues. N2N defines these business hours to be 9AM to 5PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Escalation shall be through contact of the N2N Client Success management team with contact information being provided during installation.

    Issue Resolution Approach:

Problem resolution will be prioritized according to severity as ranked below:  

  • Production Issues (Severity: Critical) - issues identified in production environments

  • Quality Assurance Issues (Severity: Medium) - issues identified in non-production environments (test, QA, pre-production, etc.)

  • Change Requests (Severity: Medium) -enhancements or platform enhancement recommendations by clients.

The timeline for SLA procedures is as follows:

  • Initial Acknowledgement will go out within 2 business hours of receiving the request

  • Contact by a technician:

    • Critical Priority: within an hour of initial acknowledgement.

    • Medium Priority: Within a day of initial acknowledgement.

  • Resolution of the issue:

    • Critical Priority: Resources will be assigned immediately to resolve the issue.

    • Medium Priority: N2N Client Success will discuss  with the client and based the nature of the issue.