N2N Hosted IIG Requirements Documentation

Modified on Wed, 04 May 2022 at 12:10 PM

This document includes the requirements for the setup of a N2N Illuminate Integration Gateway on an N2N host server. This version of the IIG deployment greatly aids in troubleshooting any errors as well as allows N2N to take over all needed maintenance and version upgrading for the gateway. Alternatively, for schools wanting a more local setup, we also have a version of the document covering school hosted Integration Gateways here: https://n2nservices.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000046534-illuminate-integration-gateway-yaml-script-installation-instructions .


What is Illuminate Integration Gateway?

The Illuminate Integration Gateway, also called Dataport, is a tool used to provide the Illuminate platform with access to data that is located in physically and logically secure configurations, such as behind a firewall in the organization’s data center. The Integration Gateway provides a secure, encrypted channel to transport this data to the Illuminate cloud environment, where Illuminate creates a secure Application Program Interface (API) access platform. 


In this version of the installation, the Integration Gateway will be set up on N2N’s servers instead of in the Client's data center as depicted below. The Illuminate application will still connect to the IIG (on N2N servers) which in turn will connect to the Client’s SIS/database. This configuration will require firewall configurations as described in the requirements section along with the SIS connection details for a secure deployment and communication.



Client Setup/Requirements

  • Client to setup firewall configurations to allow traffic from N2N Servers to Database/SIS. Below are the N2N NAT IPs to be configured in the firewall:

    • QA23.20.165.255/32

    • PROD54.204.165.208/32

  • Provide the following Database/SIS details to N2N:

    • Server hostname or IP for the database

    • Port number for the database

    • SID or service name for Oracle providers

    • Database name for SQL server providers

    • Database username (this username - typically ‘nicuser’ - is created when N2N DB scripts are deployed)

    • Database password (this is the password assigned to the above mentioned DB user created during N2N DB script deployment)


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