User and Role Management

To access or login to Illuminate an individual must have a user account with an assigned role. A role is a group of permissions that define what features a user can access.  

Within Illuminates User management console you can add a new user, search for existing users, edit user details, change a user’s role, enable/disable or delete a user account, create a new role and manage permissions within an existing role.  

To manage users and roles in Illuminate, select Users from the main menu.

Add a New Role 

To add a new Role in Illuminate, first select the Users module from the main Menu. Once in the User Management console, select the Roles',  tab as seen below 

Next Click the Add Role button in the upper left of the screen. 

Enter a Role Name and Description.

Check the appropriate module name to enable that module for the new role. Next select whether the module permission is Read only or Read & write. 

Once you have input a Role name and description and selected the permissions the role should have, select the Update button in the lower right to save your changes. To navigate back without creating anything, simply reselect the Roles tab or select the Cancel button in the lower right.